Artist’s Statement

I’ve been sewing, designing and creating fine art/photography, and writing since1986. All work is original and meets the highest standards of quality and stability. Please read all Policies before buying. Attention – Shipping rates are subject to change. I’m always open to custom orders or commissions. Email me with details. What ever you be, be unique.

I have a passion for creating and it is my responsibility to explore anything and everything that can transform my artistic vision. Anybody that knows me knows that I never do merely one thing. My creativity runs in cycles or seasons with writing at my nexus. I do this to eliminate the ways of creating that don’t fit my Self. This is a natural progression toward putting the puzzle of my Self together. It is very important to me to reveal my inner symbols, through my perspective, to the world. I create to pass on my language so that others may observe something in my works that may inspire them.

My mission, as an artist, is to share my vision and experience through every compatible medium and to authentically relate my language from my perspective to all who are open. I seek to reveal that which is not physically visible. Welcome to my perspective.