Black Hooded Full Length Coat

Project description – The client (JH) wanted a weatherproof long coat with a collar/hood and front reversible zipper. The collar/hood combo was a bit tricky, but everything turned out fine. I used a light-weight nylon for the outside and fully lined the coat and inner hood.

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Clients review;

“I wasn’t sure how well things would turn out but I couldn’t be any happier than I am with the coat. There were a few unavoidable delays due to events outside anyone’s control but other than that everything went perfectly. Messages and questions I had were answered quickly and with the information needed. The coat seems to be very well made and fits perfect. This maker was very informative and knowledgeable about the materials that would be best to use when I myself knew almost nothing. The shipping was very quick and it arrived without any issues. As for the value, considering that I now have a coat that is exactly what I was looking for and enjoy very much, it was well worth the cost.”


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