Organic Buckwheat Hull Travel – Dream Pillows

The cover is made with Osnaburg Natural 100% cotton and has no openings. I top-stitch all edges of the pillow to ensure it lasts a long time. Then I stuff with 100% organic hulls from a mill in the USA. Buckwheat hulls have been used for meditation and sitting pillows for years. The hulls are very supportive and I don’t scrimp on the amount of hulls in my pillows, but I don’t over-stuff to the point of stressing the seams. As your pillow ages, the hulls will become shiny and pliable. They won’t mold unless exposed to water

Care – Do not wash, spot clean only. 

This pillow measures 11″ x 16″ (finished size) and filled is with 2 lbs. of organic Buckwheat Hulls and lavender.

From 2 satisfied customers;

“I have a lot of long standing issues with my neck and upper back and was in the middle of an “epispode” when this pillow arrived. After only 2 nights of sleeping on it, the pain is almost completely resolved. The pillow is very stable, so once you arrange the hulls to suit you, they pretty much stay put. Extremely professional and fast service. Thanks, Mary!!!”

“This pillow is more than I expected, wonderful quality, great workmanship, and Perfect in every way. Super fast Shipping, Enjoyable to work with, and most of all I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY PILLOW !”

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